Ballistix Sport AT DDR4 Memory Review

By TG 2018-09-28 05:53:56 AEST

Ballistix is known for some of the best memory in the business. Backed by Micron who have been in business since 1978 they certainly know what they're doing in regards to memory.

Micron have created the Ballistix brand as part of their gaming targeted lineup with Elite, Tactical and Sport options available. In this case GamePC was provided a 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 kit of Sports AT DDR to put through it's paces.

Memory Kit Specifications
Size 32GB (4 x 8GB) Dual Channel
Type DDR4-3000
Latency 17-19-19
Voltage 1.35V
Bandwidth PC4-24000
Unique heat spreader
Limited lifetime warranty
The memory was running XMP profile 2 at 2933 MHz.

Unpacking the memory, as most memory doesn't come in a box these days. The sealed Ballistix branded package has a satisfiyng weight to itand the Lamborghini like grey heat spreader matches the sports name.

On the back of the pack is a brief overview of the memory, opening the pack presented a securely stored 4 memory sticks and a small guide, the memory looks and feels strong and sturdy but with an understated elegance that took us by surprise.

Test Setup

As GamePC doesn't have another memory kit to compare with, this is our first review after all, you can compare it to other reviews such as WCCFTech and TechPowerUp to compare. Do note however different hardware is used in almost all reviews so don't take it as gospel.

Benchmarking was undertaken with a reboot in between each run, the results we returned were as follows:

These sticks are impressive to look at and decent performance, priced in at around $639 (AUD) they are certainly up there, the strength and weight are impressive and the height means you have a large choice in regards to CPU cooling.

While there are possibly faster and more flashy options, do you really need them unless you're a hardcore performance and overclocking enthusiast? The Ballistix Sports AT have you covered.

Overall the Ballistix Sport AT Memory Kit gets a GamePC recommended rating.

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