Review: Crucial P1 NVME SSD


When I first saw the specs for the Crucial P1 SSD there was three words that came to mind, I want one, so can it live up to the states specs? let’s find out.

What’s in the box? NVMeâ„¢ PCIe® M.2 SSD, Acronis® True Imageâ„¢ for Crucial cloning software and installation instructions.

Opening the unassuming box you see the tiny NVME drive that could only be dreamt of years ago, at around $350 it’s not the cheapest on the market but the listed specs justify a premium.

Crucial state the drive will do up to 2000MB/sec read and 1750MB/sec write and when you add a MTTF of 1.8 million hours and an endurance of up to 200TB total bytes written then it’s a drive that’s not going to wear out in a hurry. Crucial are also standing behind their product by supporting it with a 5 year warranty.

The P1 drive was installed into my setup and we let the benchmarks begin.

Crystal Disk Mark

Passmark Software Diskmark

Synthetic benchmarks are one thing but the real thing you should care about is gaming loading times, the below games were what I had installed at the time and the results speak for themselves.

Main Menu Load Times (seconds)

In Game Load Times (seconds)

As you can see the results are very impressive, disk speed and loading times are vastly improved over traditional storage and when you can a drive like this for around AUD $350 and an Optane drive comes in around AUD $80, I’d save up and go for the real storage.

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