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Logitech's ERGO K860 Is One Of Those

Logitech's ERGO K860 Is One Of Those

Logitech has released the ERGO K860, and it's one of those split keyboards that we either love or hate. Personally I can't get my hands and mind around them but others swear by them.

A split keyboard is said to provide a more natural typing experience and better wrist support. This then reduced muscle activity and allows a relaxed typing posture. The curved pillow topped wrist rest provides additional wrist support while an adjustable palm lift keeps you in the right position.

User-friendly online onboarding, including ergonomic workstation tips, makes setting up ERGO K860 a breezed on Mac or PC platforms. Choose to connect via Bluetooth Low Energy or the USB dongle.

The ERGO K860 can follow your Logitech Flow enabled mouse, such as the Logitech MX VERTICAL Advanced Ergonomic Mouse, from one computer to another, so you can type on multiple devices in one fluid usage when using Logitech Options software. Controlling multiple computers from one keyboard and mouse can improve your ergonomic setup by preventing strain caused by unnecessary physical movements.

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