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EVGA Z10 RGB Keyboard Released

EVGA Z10 RGB Keyboard Released

EVGA are adding a little of the R, G and B to the Z10 mechanical keyboard, making it even more gaming. With per key customisation to tune the lighting to your own style the Z10 RGB is ready for your setup.

RGB can be controlled by EVGA Unleash RGB Software, that can control almost every aspect of the keyboard.. Other features include Multimedia Keys, LED Dimmer and Volume Control Sliders, Macro Keys, Magnetic Wrist Rest and customisable LCD screen.

A choice of two Kailh switch options are available with blue or brown available. Both include N-key rollover to make sure you get what you press. The blue switches will give you that satisfying click while the browns will still smash it out the park but a little quieter.

You're going to be looking at USD $199.99, probably around AUD $300 to get your hands on it.

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