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EK Launches Narrow GPU Waterblock

EK Launches Narrow GPU Waterblock

EK is slimming down their waterblocks with their latest EK-Quantum Vector Direct RTX RE Ti D-RGB. Specially designed for reference model NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, the block is for those with space constraints but want high performance. The space saving is achieved by moving the fittings to the top of the waterblock.

The block is CNC milled from nickel plated electrolytic copper, the top is also milled however if of high quality acrylic. Utilising EPDM O-rings maintains a solid seal and the pre-installed brass stand offs maintain easy installation.

Of course there is RGB as per the name, with 5 volt addressable D-RGB LEDs, the 3 pin 5V cable will connect directly to a motherboard or EK-Connect. RGB Software support is compatible with most major manufacturers.

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