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be quiet! Shadow Rock 3: Asymmetrical CPU Cooler

be quiet! Shadow Rock 3: Asymmetrical CPU Cooler

be quiet! has been pumping out CPU coolers from Germany since 2007, their latest release is the Shadow Rock 3 cooler. It features a redesigned heat sink and heat pipe layout and a Shadow Rock 2 fan to increase the rated cooling capacity to 190W TDP. The asymmetrical design improves compatibility with tall RAM modules.

Coming from the previous mode, the Shadow Rock 3 has had a major redesign. It has moved from four 8mm heat pipes to five 6mm heap pipes with heat pipe direct touch. The fan has also had a bump being upgraded to the Shadow Wings 2 120mm PWM high speed fan. Even though it's high speed fan, it won't exceed 24.4 dB(A) noise. If one fan isn't enough, you can always attach an additional fan to the other side of the heatsink.

With all these redesigns be quiet! has managed to reduce the fins from 51 to 30 which reduces the weight from 1120 grams to 716 grams.

Shadow Rock 3 will be available for sale on March 3rd at a recommended retail price of USD $49.90 / €49.90 / £45.99 (no Australian pricing available).

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