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be quiet! Get Straight To The Point

be quiet! Get Straight To The Point

be quiet! are getting straight to the point with their latest Straight Power 11 power supply. All models have been given 80 PLUS Platinum certification and office up to 94.1% efficiency with a 230V input.

By the company name you'd expect it to actually be rather silent and by utilising their high end Silent Wings 3 135mm fan they have achieved just that. They've also created a funnel shaped inlet to reduce turbulence and at 200pm the fan cannot be hurt.

Another great feature of the power supply is no wires on the DC side, all the connections run directly through the PCB. This results in better airflow and signal quality throughout the power supply.

Pricing is expected to range from approximataely AUD $200 for the 550W up to AUD $450 for the 1200W model. All devices include a 5 year warranty.

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