Want Fast Internet In Australia? Become a Business


TasmaNet SuperFast

Tasmanian company TasmaNet has planning for the future with 1 gigabit dedicated fibre to businesses. Utilising NBN enterprise ethernet they are offering speeds must higher than most NBN customers are able to get.

“This new technology brings the benefits of superfast fibre to just about anywhere in Australia for a similar price as existing NBN products, and our direct relationship with NBN means we can deliver multiple upgraded connections quickly, with minimal service interruption to customers in all states and territories.”

Elizabeth Aris, TasmaNet’s CEO

The pricing for this service depends on a few factors so you would need to enquire with them for more information. They do however currently sell home plants at 50 megabit ($70/month), 100 megabit ($100/month) and 250 megabit ($250/month) with 200:1 contention ratios.

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