Subor-Z Console Performance Preview

By TG 2018-09-19 14:05:44 AEST

Remember the Subor-Z? It's not surprising if you don't, it's an AMD powered Chinese made desktop/console. Eurogamer got their hands on one and run it through a few tests.

Subor Z-PlusKaby Lake GRyzen 5 2400GPS4 Pro
CPU ArchitectureRyzen7th Gen Intel CoreRyzenJaguar
Peak CPU Clocks3.0GHz3.9GHz (All-Core)3.8GHz2.13GHz
GPU24 CUs/ 1300MHz24 CUs/ 1190MHz11 CUs/ 1240MHz36 CUs/ 911MHz
GPU Compute3.99TF3.65TF1.75TF4.2TF
Memory8GB GDDR5System RAM + 4GB HBM2User Configurable DDR48GB GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth256GB/s (shared between GPU/CPU)205GB/s (GPU only)User Configurable DDR4218GB/s (shared between GPU/CPU)

Subor Z-PlusRyzen 3 2200GRyzen 5 2400GKaby Lake G
Cinebench Single Core115136148178
Cinebench Multi-Core586549800864
3DMark TimeSpy329596512853050

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