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Sennheiser GSP 370 Wireless Gaming Headset

Sennheiser GSP 370 Wireless Gaming Headset

The Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless gaming headset touts up to 100 hours of gaming on a single charge. The included USB wireless dongle sets up a low latency connection to the headset and enables near zero delay in audio.

Compatible with PC, Mac and PlayStation 4, the Sennheiser GSP 370 wireless gaming headset almost there in terms of full gaming support. Thinking of Sennheiser means quality audio and the closed acoustic design will help out with that. If you want to tweak the sound even more, the Sennheiser Gaming Suite for Windows allows you to tweak surround sound, equaliser and more to your preferred style.

If you're gaming online you'll need a microphone so Sennheiser have included a broadast quality noise cancelling microphone. It actively reduces background noise and simply lifting the boom will mute the mic.

The up to 100 hours of battery life is achieved by low power consumption and a great battery. In simple terms, if you played for 6 hours a week you'd be able to game for 4 months without charging. If you do need charging however you can use the included Micro USB and continue to game while charging.

All the usual comfort material is there, low weight, padded headband and memory foam ear cushions.

The Sennheiser GSP 370 is available from Sennheiser's web shop at a recommended retail price of AUD $349.95. If you purchase the gaming headset from the Sennheiser website, you will also receive the GSA 50 headset hanger (AUD $54.95) free of charge.

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