Sapphire Radeon VII 16G HBM2 Card Shows Up


Sapphire has joined ASRock in unveiling a Radeon VII card and listed the SAPPHIRE Radeonâ„¢ VII 16G HBM2 card on their website.

Specs are listed as:
GPU: 3840 Stream Processors, 60 CU, 7 nm, 1400 MHz Engine Clock, 1750 MHz Boost Engine Clock

Memory: 4096 bit Memory Bus, HBM2 Memory Type, 1000 MHz, Effective 2000, 16 GB Size

Resolution: 5120*2880 Pixel DisplayPort Resolution, 4096*2160 HDMI Resolution

Power Consumption: 300W

AMD are touting the performance of the Radeon VII vs the RTX 2080 so it will be interesting to see some real world benchmarks when people can actually get their hands on the cards.

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