ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra Now Available


ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra

ROCCAT are bringing the Kone Pure Ultra to the world, one of their most popular mice is getting a bump in the right direction. Aimed at gamers wanting high performance the Kone Pure Ultra keeps the ergonomic shape of its prior iterations.

A quality click can be felt on the mouse along with the famous ROCCAT Titan Wheel. With a lower 66 gram weight it’s one of the lightest gaming mice ever.

ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra

The sensot has been updated to ROCCAT’s Owl-Eye 16K model as well as a 1000Hz polling rate. Onboard memory for Macros and profiles is also included.

Available in Asia, UK and Europe for 69.99€/59.99£ and in the U.S. this winter for a MSRP of $69.99 (AUD $105).

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