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Razer Go Dark With The Kraken X and Surround Sound Future

Razer Go Dark With The Kraken X and Surround Sound Future

If you're one of those people that needs to constantly have sound to drown out annoying colleagues or play games then Razer have the headset for you. Being slimmed down to an extremely like 250 grams is a big reason for the comfort, those neck problems are a thing of the past.

“The Kraken X is great for any gamer, it’s ultra-light and incredibly comfortable, so you can game for hours with it. It is the companion of choice for domination and immersion in your game with 7.1 surround sound.”

Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Peripherals at Razer

In standard Razer fashion there's soft ear cups to maintain comfort and the adjustable headband doesn't hurt either.
Still using the 3.5mm headphone jack means the headset can be used on majority of the current generation gaming devices.

At just AUD $89.95 it's a good budget option to get you going.

Going 7.1

Razer has also announced that all of their 2019 over ear headsets that are under AUD $169.95 will have 7.1 surround. This includes the latest Kraken 2019 for AUD $149.95 that features ear pads that are filled with cooling gel.

Previous Kraken 2019 owners looking to redeem their 7.1 surround sound software will receive their activation code after registering their headset on RazerID, using the serial number found on the headset speakers beneath the ear cushions.

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