Razer Add The Kraken To Their Stormtrooper Line


Razer Kraken Stormtrooper

Razer already have a Stormtrooper line of products but now the Kraken Headset is joining the team. Unlike a real Stormtrooper, you will still be able to aim when wearing them.

Razer Kraken headset features custom-tuned 50mm drivers for a wide soundscape from subtle audio cues to helmet rumbling explosions. The uni-directional, retractable microphone ensures your shot calls and battle orders are always delivered in absolute clarity.

Using a thickly padded bauxite aluminium frame and cooling-gel ear cushions, the Stormtrooper™ Edition of the Kraken headset is built for comfort over long mission sessions. With an inline remote for volume and microphone controls and connection via 3.5mm jack, the Stormtrooper™ Edition of the Razer Kraken headset is compatible with PC, Mac, console and mobile devices.

You can get all this for AUD $170.95

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