Ray Tracing and Other RTX Tech


When Jensen stepped out on stage at Gamescom 2018 and proclaimed that NVIDIA was going to reinvent graphics with GeForce RTX, NVIDIA knew they had their work cut out for them.

This week all that hard work is highlighted by a big milestone: Battlefield V becomes the first game to utilise DXR ray tracing when the first release of DXR becomes available via an in-game patch.

NVIDIA will also have the first public release of GeForce RTX features in the Final Fantasy XV benchmark. Later this month Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will release an update that adds another GeForce RTX feature, NVIDIA Adaptive Shading (NAS).

“GeForce RTX and NVIDIA’s Turing architecture provide an astonishingly powerful new foundation for game development by combining raytracing acceleration, artificial intelligence hardware, and programmable shading in one GPU for the first time ever.” said Tim Sweeney CEO, Epic Games

The November GeForce RTX Content Rollout

    ï¿­ Wednesday, November 14: Battlefield V released a patch that added support for the first release of DXR ray tracing.
    ï¿­ Wednesday, November 14: Final Fantasy XV benchmark with DLSS support will be released publicly by Square Enix.
    ï¿­ Monday, November 19: Bethesda will update Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to add support for NVIDIA adaptive shading (NAS).

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