Quick Look: The Stillness of the Wind – Why Can’t I Stop Playing?


The Stillness of the Wind is a sandbox game that revolves around freedom, learning and developing a deep connection to the main character.

You play as Talma, an elderly lady who frequently receives visits from a mail man and trading buddy, your aim is to take care of your farm, the animals and eat all those delicious eggs you collect from your chickens or milk those goats and make cheese, I did both of these numerous times and enjoyed it every time.

As I continued in the game I ventured further out, I discovered a well, worked out that if I picked up the hoe (no this isn’t Grant Theft Auto) I could plant seeds and grow various plants for food or trading, visit the well and grab water help the plants grow, harvest the plants, so far I’ve grown tomato and gourd. Exploring further I found mushrooms and grabbed some of those, I used them to trade for another chicken, 7 eggs a day, I only eat 1 or 2, I’ve got enough.

Then Talma had a dream, there was train horns and a goat but as soon as it started it was over, I’m not sure where this angle is going but as you cannot win the game there’s a good chance it’s just furthering my attachment to the story. As much as I’d like to venture further out I find myself hesitant as the days are gone very quickly and I want to collect the eggs, milk the goats and water the plants, I guess that answers the question as to why I can’t stop playing, I want to do these things.

Does it have a point? It remains to be seen.
Should you play it? it’s definitely unique and worth a try.
I have a feeling I will end up playing this over the next few weekends at the very least.

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