Philips 499P9H 49 inch SuperWide Curved Monitor

Published by Travis G

Philips isn’t going to let LG get away with it and have their own SuperUltraMegaWide monitor, the 32:9 499P9H is a giant.

Coming in with a resolution of 5120 x 1440 and a curve of 1800 r with a little A-Sync thrown in and a 5 ms response alongside DisplayHDR 400 time it should hit the gaming spot for most of you.

Other things you get out of the box are USB 3.1 type-C dock to enable, LAN, power and display for that one cable experience. The MultiClient Integrated KVM switch with a switch button allows you to control two machines with the one mouse, keyboard and monitor.

One thing that surprised me is the inclusion of Windows Hello which I use every day at work and has occasionally bitten me (we have an unlocked machine you buy donuts policy).

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