NZXT’s New Audio Lineup


NZXT AER Headset

NZXT have lifted the lid on their audio lineup while continuing to build on their PC component products.

Of course they will not be releasing just one product, the total range consists of the AER Headset, NZXT MXER and NZXT STND.

The AER Headset comes in open or closed back as well as white, black or my favourite – purple. NZXT are targeting weight and comfort with lightweight material and great padding. For the audio itself there’s 40mm drivers with a removable noise cancelling microphone. The AER is compatiable with PC, PS4, Xbox and Switch. RRP for the AER Headset is USD $129.99 (AUD $190).


Next up is the MXER audio control station, with an inbuilt speaker/headset switcher it means you can seamlessly switch between your speakers and headset. You can also mix game and and voice audio with a fader for on the fly adjustment. RRP for the MXER is USD $99.99 (AUD $149).


Lastly is the STND or stand without an A, it’s pretty much exactly what you think. A steel frame headphone stand for any headset but also a place to put the NZXT MXER. The auto-sensing STND automatically switches between your headset and speakers. RRP for the STND is USD $49.99 (AUD $75).

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