NVIDIA Releases RTX Showcase Demos and Updated Drivers

Published by Travis G

NVIDIA released a trio of RTX technology showcase demos, giving gamers a taste of the immersive real-time ray-traced visuals and improved performance that developers are bringing to games.

The three demos, which are available for free to all GeForce gamers, include:

All of the new technology showcase demos can be downloaded from the NVIDIA Website

NVIDIA also released a new Game Ready Driver today that enables millions more gamers with GeForce GTX GPUs to experience ray tracing for the first time ever. With dedicated RT cores, GeForce RTX GPUs provide up to 2-3x faster performance in ray-traced games, enabling more effects, higher ray counts, and higher resolutions for the best experience. With this new driver however, GeForce GTX 1060 6GB and higher GPUs can execute ray-tracing instructions on traditional shader cores, giving gamers a taste, albeit at lower RT quality settings and resolutions, of how ray tracing will dramatically change the way games are experienced.

The following GeForce GPUs are now DXR-capable:

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