MSI Extends Warranties Due to COVID-19



Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, life has been disrupted in many parts of the world. With fresh cases and tragic deaths are being reported with every passing day.

MSI remains committed to teir mission of putting customers first. In light of the health concerns surrounding coronavirus across the globe, they want to ensure that valued customers don’t have to worry about anything other than their health and safety.

MSI are offering a complimentary 2-month warranty extension on a wide range of products if you meet a few qualifying conditions.
There’s an easy way to find out whether you qualify for this promotion. Those who meet the following eligibility conditions are assured of this complimentary warranty extension:
You own one or more of the following products (any model) –

  • MSI Desktop PCs
  • MSI Motherboards
  • MSI AIO Computers
  • MSI PC Cabinets and Cases
  • MSI Monitors
  • You’re enrolled in the MSI Rewards Program.
  • Your products’ warranties are due to lapse/expire within March 2020.
  • You reside in one of the following 20 countries/regions most affected by COVID-19 (confirmed cases and deaths by country, as of 10th March 2020, data source:

South Korea, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Spain, USA, Switzerland, Singapore, UK, Hong Kong, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Australia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia, Belgium, Canada.

Customers in China/PRC are already part of an independent warranty extension program, this particular promotion doesn’t apply to those residing there.

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