MSI Announces GeForce RTX 2080 Ti LIGHTNING Z

By TG 2019-01-22 10:26:59 AEST

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MSI is proud to officially announce the latest of its legendary LIGHTNING series graphics cards. Built to be perfect, the new GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti LIGHTNING Z combines cutting edge new technology with proven features such as Tri-Frozr design with all new TORX 3.0 Fans, Phantom of LIGHTNING LED effect, Dynamic Dashboard OLED panel and full carbon backplate. The GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti LIGHTNING Z is nothing short of an engineering masterpiece.

Innovative LED Effect with Dragon Centre
With an innovative design, the RTX 2080 Ti LIGHTNING presents an all-new level of visual customisation. Via MSI’s Dragon Centre software, the LED colours and blades on the fans can be controlled to cycle predefined profiles. The fans not only dazzle you with vibrant colours and effects but also cool this beastly card in silence.

Re-evolution Thermal Design
MSI’s reputation in thermal design is well-known to be excellent. The improved Tri-Frozr design on the RTX 2080 Ti LIGHTNING Z utilises two 10cm and one 9cm TORX 3.0 Fans, combining the advantages of both traditional and dispersion fan blades to generate huge amounts of airflow. The new trims on the traditional fan blades create concentrated airflow for higher air pressure while also reducing noise. Two 8mm Superpipes and six 6mm heatpipes transfer heat much faster to the fins, enabling up to a whopping 700W of heat dissipation. Both the new Rugged-edge fins design and improved Airflow Control technology make for higher efficiency to lead airflow and dissipate the heat rapidly.

Personalise Your Style with Dynamic Dashboard
MSI knows that keeping an eye on your graphics card performance is important, especially for gamers. Dynamic Dashboard is MSI’s new premium feature which enables gamers to monitor real-time frequency of GPU and memory, temperature and fan duty. Besides monitoring hardware, the display can also be personalised by uploading custom images and animations to show your own unique style.

Dual BIOS and Enhanced Power Design
The special LN2 BIOS on the card provides extreme overclockers more capability for overclocking records without special hardware modifications. By removing restrictions, the full potential of the graphics card is unlocked. The enhanced power design contains more power phases than other models to ensure plenty of power is available for record-breaking performance. LIGHTNING’s custom 10-layer PCB is fitted with 16 phases for GPU and 3 phases for Memory to ensure power delivery can handle the most extreme loads.

On-board and In Control
With MSI's exclusive OC features, you're in complete control of the RTX 2080 Ti LIGHTNING Z. V-Check points allow you to accurately measure GPU, Memory and PLL voltages. Multiple Temp Monitor checks the real-time temperatures of the GPU, Memory and PLL while Quadruple Overvoltage allows you to overvolt those same components in order to achieve higher clockspeeds.

MSI Dragon Center is a brand new software platform with the goal to integrate all MSI software for components, desktop systems and peripherals. For LIGHTNING series graphics card, the MSI Dragon Center allows gamers to quickly switch between OC and Silent performance modes. The all-new software features Gaming Mode, which instantly optimizes your hardware for the best gaming experience including SSD, monitor and network settings. This budding new software platform will continue to improve and evolve, including more unique functionalities and benefits for MSI gamers.

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