Logitech’s Latest Harmony is Express With Alexa


Logitech Harmony

Logitech have been producing the Harmony Universal remote controls for a while now and really it was time for an evolution, that evolution seems to be powered by Alexa, yes everyone’s favourite eavesdropping friend is now in your remote control.

It doesn’t come cheap, expected to sell for USD $249 you’d want to really want a universal remote you to talk to even sing to (I guess) to get the job done. If you hit the voice button and say something like ‘Play Netflix’ it will take care of the rest for you, unfortunately it still needs an infrared blaster to sit and do it’s job, I’ve had no end of issues with these previously.

This is only the first iteration of the Alexa powered remote so it may be worth waiting for the 2.0 release, however if you’re feeling generous and want to buy me one, I won’t say no.

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