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Logitech G Pro X - Swap Your Switches

Logitech G Pro X - Swap Your Switches

Swapping keycaps on a keyboard is normal these days, but on Logitech G's new Pro X keyboard you can also swap the switches. The latest keyboard from Logitech G features multiple switch types consisting of Clicky, Linear and Tactile.

The keyboard itself is a tenkeyless design and is aimed aimed at aspiring esports pros. The latest G Pro X is the next iteration of the loved Logitech G PRO Gaming Keyboard’s design. The three-pronged design features support arms for an easy, reliable connection. It comes as no surprise there's also fully customisable RGB lighting with on board profiles.

The Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes in two variants that should be available in October 2019. The Logitech G PRO X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard retails for USD $149.99 (AUD $225) with user-swappable GX Clicky, Linear or Tactile switches. The Logitech PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with non-swappable clicky switches retails for USD $129.99 (AUD $195). Packs of 92 replacement GX Clicky, Linear or Tactile switches for the PRO X keyboard can be purchased from LogitechG.com for USD $49.99 (AUD $75)

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