Kingston Goes RGB with HyperX SSD's and Savage External Drive

By TG 2018-09-27 05:27:41 AEST

Something about an RGB SSD but what I'm way more interested in is how awesome that external SSD looks, the design and aggressive look really hits the spot for me, I just want one.

The HyperX SAVAGE EXO SSD utilizes 3D NAND technology to deliver SSD speeds more reliably and efficiently than 2D NAND so you can get your games patched, installed, and booted faster. Slash load times with a drive that’s up to 20% faster than today’s game systems1. The SAVAGE EXO is easy to connect, works with both Mac® and PC, and can be used on your PlayStation® 4 or Xbox One™ via the USB 3.1 Gen 2 connection2. Weighing in at a trivial 56g, the super-compact SAVAGE EXO is the perfect solution for lightning-quick storage and transfer on the go.

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