HyperX Announces First Australian Brand Ambassador


Hyper-X Lachlan

If you’re Australian gaming YouTuber Lachlan then you’re in luck as Hyper-X has you joining Post Malone and NBA players Joel Embiid and Gordon Hawyward as an ambassador.

Lachlan will be the first Australian influencer to be included in the HyperX We’re All Gamers global brand campaign. Known for his entertaining gameplay, Lachlan was the first Australian gaming YouTuber to reach 10 million subscribers. By focusing on family-friendly content, Lachlan’s videos regularly reach millions of views, making his channel one of the top 10 gaming channels in the world.

“I’ve been using HyperX peripherals throughout my gaming career, and it’s super exciting to be working with a brand whose products I really believe in, the HyperX team have always been big supporters of me and my viewers, and I’m thrilled to be their first Australian brand ambassador.” 


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