HyperX Adds To Their Gaming Line at Computex 2019


HyperX Fury Memory

To add to the already announced Alloy Origins Keyboard already announced HyperX is adding a few more products.

The new HyperX FURY DDR4 and FURY DDR4 RGB feature Plug N Play support to enable automatic memory overclocking at standard DDR4 1.2V settings. The memory are XMP-ready and optimised for Intel’s latest platform. The HyperX FURY DDR4 RGB comes equipped with a LED light bar with fluid RGB lighting effects and utilises HyperX Infrared Sync. This allows the modules to remain synchronised without the use of cables. HyperX will also reveal a fully updated version of NGenuity software during Computex, redesigned for an intuitive, user-friendly experience interface.

Cloud Alpha™ S Gaming Headset
The new Cloud Alpha S features dual chamber technology that delivers accurate in-game sound with incredible range and tone. Dual chambers allow the Cloud Alpha S to separate bass from the mids and highs, creating a dynamic sound that makes games, music, and movies more realistic and immersive. Cloud Alpha S offers adjustable bass slider and includes a custom-tuned audio control box with HyperX 7.1 surround sound¹. Game and chat balance controls are available to mix the game and chat audio levels.

Cloud Orbit S Gaming Headset
Cloud Orbit S gaming headsets were developed in cooperation with Audeze™ and Waves® Technology. The headsets are the first HyperX gaming headsets powered by Audeze’s patented 100mm Planar Magnetic Drivers for accurate sound. Waves Nx® 3D audio technology brings an immersive cinematic audio experience to gaming. Waves Nx® head tracking technology delivers a stable hyper-realistic 360-degree audio environment where the users head movements bring the room to life 1,000 times a second. For the first time at Computex, HyperX will be showing gesture control features of the Orbit S. HyperX gaming headsets paired with Audeze and Waves technology bring audio quality to the next level with audio technology previously found only in audiophile headsets.

The newly revealed HyperX gaming gear will be available later this year in selective regions.

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