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Have You Grabbed DOOM Eternal Yet?

Have You Grabbed DOOM Eternal Yet?

Gaming is probably one of the best ways to pass these dark days and now that DOOM Eternal is out, there is something to concentrate on. Powered by id's own idTech 7 engine matched with an astounding sound track, it's hard not to be excited by it.

Developed by the iconic game developer id Software, DOOM Eternal has been one of the most anticipated games for a while now. The sequel to 2016's best action game, DOOM Eternal brings back the guts, enemies and weapons you love.

NVIDIA has also released an updated Game Ready driver to help you get the best performance and experience.

DOOM Eternal is rated R18+ by the Australian Classification Board and is available now in Standard Edition for AUD $99.95, or Deluxe Edition for AUD $169.95.

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