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Fractal Design Ion PSUs Bring UltraFlex to SFX

Fractal Design Ion PSUs Bring UltraFlex to SFX

Fractal Design Ion PSU's are shrinking to SFX and they're bringing UltraFlex with them. Their IoN SFX Gold power supplies are modular and high performance with enhanced cable flexibility.

For a tiny SFX housing they're surprisingly squeeze in a 120mm fan for high airflow and quiet operation. Semi-passive Zero RPM mode enables the fan to only spin when needed.

Power supplies have a history of needing a lot of cable management, Fractal Design sympathise with you. Their new Ultraflex DC cabling has a high strand coount and new generator insulation meaning less bulk while maintaining great performance. The more flexible UltraFlex cables are able to bend and twist removing the hassle of older rigid power supply cabling.

Ion SFX power supplies are available in 500 and 650 watt capacities, both include electrical protection suite, 80 PLUS® Gold Certification and a massive 10 year warranty.

Pricing is expected to come in at USD $89.99 (AUD $132) for the 500 Watt model. While the 650 Watt model will be USD $109.99 (AUD $160) for the 650 Watt model.

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