Elgato Introduces Stream Deck XL and Stream Deck Mobile


Stream Deck XL

If you’re into streaming you’re aware of Elgato’s products but until now they’ve been fairly small. Elgato is now introducing their Stream Deck XL, it features a massive 32 LCD keys. Each key can be programmed and customised to your hearts content.

Hook with up with the detachable USB-C cable and place it on the magnetic stand and you’re good to go. The Stream Deck XL becomes the will be the centre of a streamer or creators configuration.

Stream Deck Mobile
Stream Deck Mobile

If however you’re on the run and a device with 32 keys is too much there’s the Stream Deck Mobile. With all the power of the Stream Deck on your mobile phone, you’re good to go while on the go. Connecting via wireless and displaying 15 keys on your iPhone the app will pair with a simple scan of a QR code. Stream Mobile is available as a free trial in the App Store now with a full version costing AUD $4.49 a month or AUD $38.99 a year.

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