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Elgato 4K60 S+ and Key Light Air Debut

Elgato 4K60 S+ and Key Light Air Debut

Elgato is launching their latest in capture devices, the 4K60 S+ is an external 4K60 HDR10 capture solution. The 4k60 S+ is the most powerful device from Elgato yet, it connects via USB 3.0 to live stream via PC. The SD card slot allows you to record straight to an SD card without the need to connect to a computer. On the encoding side of things there's on board HEVC encoding to ensure file sizes don't get too out of control. Zero lag passthrough allows for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro games to be recorded with no issues.

If connected to the PC the 4K60 S+ will record directly to a nominated hard drive meaning you can record until you fill it up. Elgato software features such as Flashback Recording to easily save gameplay retroactively and Live Commentary to record microphone audio as a separate track are also supported. With or without a PC, you can get some decent recording with the 4K 60 S+.

Elgato Key Light Air

Another release from Elgato is the Key Light Air, building on the success of the Key light launched last CES. The Key Light Air is equipped with 80 premium OSRAM LED's with multilayer diffusion technology. It's no slouch in the brightness department, able to hit 1400 lumens. Also included is colour temperatures between 2900 and 7000k. An app for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac means control of the Key Light air is and simple as the press of an.......app?

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