Deepcool Introduces MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB & MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB 3F PC Cases


RGB is a big focus these days and Deepcool aren’t a company to be left behind, the new additions to the MATREXX 55 series of course include RGB while still looking sleek in their design.

Included Addressable RGB System
The lighting system includes 5 pre-programmed lighting effects (dynamic color, static, breathing, comet and fashion collision) and can be easily controlled by the RGB button on the I/O panel or motherboards with addressable RGB sync function. In particular, MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB 3F PC Case additionally has 3pcs of 120mm Addressable RGB fans (CF120) to give you a boost of the gaming ambience.

ADD RGB Syncing Open to All Brands
Besides the included fans and LED strip, the case also enables you to add on more RGB devices by including two RGB connectors — one for Deepcool/Gamerstorm ecosystem and one for universal 5V 3-pin headers. Now 5V ADD RGB devices of any brand can be brought into this system

Dual 4mm Tempered Glass
Full sized 4mm thickness, tempered glass side panel and a front panel give the case a unique look to perfectly show off your latest hardware.

$79.99 AUD (Estimated)
$49.99 USD
€49.99 EUR
£44.99 GBP

$99.99 AUD (Estimated)
$74.99 USD
€74.99 EUR
£69.99 GBP

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