Crucial Brings 32GB NVDIMM Server Memory


NVDIMM or non-volatile dual in-line memory module is a type of memory that will retain its contents in the event of power loss/removal. In a traditional DIMM when you shutdown the data being stored will be lost in the event of power loss or shutdown however with NVDIMM’s the DRAM data is backed up to the NAND with help from an ultra capacitor, its backup power source.

Crucial (backed by Micron Technology) has announced new 32GB NVDIMMs that will aid companies preserve critical data in the event of a system power loss and limit costly downtime.

The Crucial NVDIMM operates at 2933 MT/s and coming in at 32 GB the memory allows for persistent memory performance while reducing the amount of NVDIMMs needed in a server.

With the emergence of more cloud technology every day and a heavy reliance on servers, technology such as NVDIMM’s will become more important to provide businesses the performance and reliability they need.

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