Corsair CES 2019 Roundup

By TG 2019-01-11 09:56:05 AEST

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Takes one of CORSAIR’s most popular mice and cuts the cord, powered by SLIPSTREAM CORSAIR WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY for wired-caliber performance. SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS delivers hyper-fast 2.4GHz gaming grade wireless speed, transmitting twice the packets of previous generation wireless devices, and ensuring your signal stays strong even in heavy wireless traffic with Intelligent Frequency Shift (IFS). Combining the confidence of tournament-ready wireless performance with a robust wireless range up to 33ft, SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS lets you play your way, whether from the desktop or the couch.

Capellix LEDs
Corsair's next Dominator memory comes with Capellix LEDs, a new way of illuminating your memory, they're able to reconfigure the way the LEDs are attached to the memory resulting in a 60% increase in efficiency while needing 40% less power, the ability to burn your eyeballs is included by default.

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