be quiet! Launches Pure Base 500


be quiet! pure base 500

The silent types over at be quiet! have launched their Pure Base 500 cases for everyone to see but not hear. When you open the box the case includes a magnetically attached, sound-insulated top cover. The cover is interchangeable with a highly air-permeable top cover designed to decrease temperatures for a water cooled build.

Radiator support at the top is 120 or 240 millimetres, whereas the front radiator can be 120, 140, 240, 280 or even 360 millimetres. Two preinstalled Pure Wings 2 140mm fans are included and hit a maximum of 900 RPM.

be quiet! pure base 500

In terms of what can fit inside the case, graphics cards up to 369 millimetres and CPU cooling up to 190 millimetres. A total of up to five SSDs, or two HDDs and four SSDs at the same time.

Of course when it’s a be quiet! case you expect it to be silent and they’ve added sound-insulating material to the front panel, closed window side panels and the default top cover. Cable management comes int he form of Velcro straps and pass-through grommets.

be quiet! pure base 500

Depending on the model, you can have either a sound-insulated steel side panel or tempered glass side panel in three colours: black, metallic grey and white. The white and metallic grey versions of the case feature a glass window side panel, while the black Pure Base 500 has a tinted window side panel.

Pricing is expected to be approximately AUD $109 (Black), AUD$119 (Black Window), AUD $115 (Metallic Grey and White), AID $129 (Metallic Grey Window and White Window)

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