ASUS ROG Announces New Strix Power Supplies



It’s an ASUS time of year and this time they’re back with ROG Strix power supplies available in 750W and 650W models. You don’t want your cooling to drown out your gaming right? ASUS agree so they’ve used the same heatsinks as the ROG Thor power supplies and paired them with a 135mm Axial-tech fan that only spins up when needed.

80 PLUS Gold certification and a massive 10 year warranty are achieved by a mix of Japanese capacitors and low RDS MOSFETs.

They’re fully modular and come bundled with a full complement of cables, 24-pin, two 6+2-pin PCI-e, and two 8-pin EPS 12V power cables come with embedded capacitors to reduce ripple and ensure stability. Additionally, if you want that custom look you can also get 20% discount coupon courtesy of CableMod.

ROG STRIX power supplies will be available in ANZ starting Q4 2019 at the estimated street price starting AUD $229.00 for 750W and AUD $209.00 for the 650W.

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