ASUS PCE-AX58BT WiFi 6 Now Available



ASUS has announced their WiFi 6 PCE-AX58BT PCI Express network adapter for desktop PCs is now available. The WiFi6 standard provides a variety of improvements over the previous WiFi 5 (802.11ac) standard. The most obvious being speed, with a total data rate of up to 3000Mbps, also improved are network capacity, WiFi range and enhanced power efficiency.

Included also is Bluetooth 5.0 technology which provides up to 2X faster transmission speeds and greater range than previous. The PCE-AX58BT also includes an optional external antenna mount that enables the antennas to be placed outside of the PC chassis. Allowing you to precisely adjust the antennas for optimal Wi-Fi signal strength.

When paired with ASUS Wi-Fi 6 routers, PCE-AX58BT the best performance with latest WiFi standard.

ASUS PCE-AX58BT will be available from early September 2019 in Australia and New Zealand with pricing still to be determined.

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