ASUS Goes Compact With Display Stream Compression Technology


ASUS DSC Monitor

ASUS and their ROG variant have previewed a 43 inch gaming monitor featuring display stream compression technology (DSC) at E3 2019. The technology is an industry wide standing to enable ultra high definition across a single interface at high speed with minimal loss of quality.

By utilising DSC the ROG monitor can hit 4k resolution at 144Hz using a single Displayport 1.4 connection. Prior to DSC two display port connection would be required to achieve the same result, this usually resulted in HDR and variable refresh rates not being an option.

At 43 inches this is no small screen and AMD FreeSync 2 HDR helps with both your frame rate and high quality HDR display. The monitor hits the VESA DisplayHDR 1000 specification with 1000 cd/m² peak luminance and 10 bit processing.

At this time there is no scheduled release date or pricing, this will be one to keep an eye on though.

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