ASUS Add ZenFone 6 To Their Product List


ASUS ZenFone 6

No it’s not another ROG phone but it is a high spec’d ZenFone with a 6 at the end. No hole punch, no notch, a full edge to edge display and a flip up camera.

The 6.4 inch screen covers 92% of the phones body and runs at a cosy 2340×1080 resolution. Average on most top of the line phone the ZenFone 6 is powered by a Snapdragon 855 core with 8GB of ram and 2t6GB storage.
For those wondering the fingerprint sensor didn’t make it under the screen, it is still on the bac of the phone.
Other inclusions are dual SIM, dual speakers, FM radio and a 5000 mAh which ASUS say will power the phone for 2 days.

Camera wise ASUS have made the flip up camera housing out of liquid metal, presumably a different liquid metal than the one used on heatsinks.

The cameras included are a Sony IMX586 48MP (f/1.79) and 13MP ultrawide camera (120 degrees), it sounds hood in theory, but will it live up to the name.

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