Are you Ready for Harry Potter Wizards Unite?


Belkin Power Bank

Do you remember back to when Pokemon go was released and sucked your battery dry? Well those days may come back to haunt you with the launch of Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

But don’t worry because Belkin have a few products to help you out with charging on the go.

The BOOST CHARGE Power Bank with Lightning Connector is available in 2 sizes with the 10000 mAh model (RRP $89.95) gives an additional 70 hours of battery life, while the 5000 mAh model (RRP $69.95) hits 35 extra hours battery life.

Another option is the Belkin Pocket Power which is available in 3 different sizes: 5000 mAh (RRP $39.95), 10000 mAh (RRP $59.95) and 15000 mAh (RRP $79.95) which will charge your phone between 1 and 5 times. This model will charge almost anything you can throw at it be it smart watch, headphones or your phone.

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