AMD Hits Back and Intel’s 48 Core Xeon with 64 Core EPYC CPU


As expected AMD unveiled their 7nm Zen 2 Processor containing a massive 64 cores at today’s event, utilising TSMC’s 7nm manufacturing process the CPU’s feature:

    ï¿­ An improved execution pipeline, feeding its compute engines more efficiently.
    ■ Front-end advances – improved branch predictor, better instruction pre-fetching, re-optimized instruction cache and larger op cache.
    ■ Floating point enhancements – doubled floating point width to 256-bit and load/store bandwidth, increased dispatch/retire bandwidth and maintained high throughput for all modes.
    ■ Advanced security features – Hardware-enhanced Spectre mitigations, taking software migration and hardening it into the design, and increased flexibility of memory encryption.

Also as part of the announcement AMD EPYC processor-based instances on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) will be updated to take advantage of the new generation of EPYC CPU’s.

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