8K VR Over 5G Is a Thing Now


Telstra Vantage

Telstra have teamed up with Magna Systems as part of Telstra Vantage to show off exactly what 5G can do. Utilising the Telstra 5G network, specialists from Magna Systems and Summit Tech have an 8K VR stream from the Gold Coast to Melbourne.

Attendees to Telstra Vantage can enter a shared VR cylinder designed by immersive VR and audio-visual specialists Igloo Vision. They will then be transported to a beach on the Gold Coast while sharing the experience via carrier-based video calling (IR.94).

When using 5G networks, Summit RCS VR Calling supports Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) with 8K 360 video streams and IR.39 HD Video Conferencing (HDVC). Through the RCS VR Odience platform, an end-to-end VR content event management solution for live events and concerts, AR conference calls and telepresence.

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